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​Intensive Thrive Architect ​Training

​​​Learn Thrive Architect ​and build your own funnel.

  • ​Step-by-step​ Tutorials
  • ​Strategy & Checklists
  • Free Bonus: ​4 weeks of ​Technical, Design and ​Business Coaching.

Course and coaching starts January 21th 2020.

​During the course, we will build the following:

Sales Page

Ideal for a homepage or a sales page you can send to your leads.

By watching our tutorial, you will be able to create your own pages on your site.  You can choose your colors and fonts.  If you get stuck, you will be able to ask questions  

Logo and​ Call to Action

Hero Image
​Main Headline
​ Benefits

​Your Free Offer

Clients or Partner Logos

​Your Paid Offer


Footer with About Us, Pages and Contact Information

Copyright, ​Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Social Networks Profiles

Lead Magnet Page

Ideal to get leads with some free information you can provide.

Logo ​

​​Main Headline

​Your Free Offer

​Trust Building


Thank You Page

Ideal to ​show your leads that you are an authority in your field.

Logo ​

​​Main Headline

​Thank You Video


The course will show you how to design to make sure your page design is responsive.

​You will ​enjoy ​creating book covers like th​ese.

What makes this course unique

  • ​Building an offer that you can feel confident to promote.
  • ​Learning about Thrive Architect ​and the fundamentals of website design​.
  • ​Get your questions answered via coaching for 4 weeks

You will learn the top ​6 fundamental​ concepts of Thrive Architect

​​​Designed for Business Owners wanting to offer ​services

​Ideal for

  • ​Getting ​leads quickly
  • ​Faster Implementation
  • Learn new approaches to lead generation
  • ​Increased simplification

​​​This course will allow you to create

  • A lead generation page to ​generate leads
  • ​A great one-page sales page ​to generate sales
  • A great ​thank you page to build your authority



​Week 1

Creat​ing your first offer page

  • ​Creating the first version of your ​sales page
  • ​​Doing the first outreach.

​Week 2

​Refining your offer

  • ​​Adding visual elements
  • ​​Adding ​content

​Week​ 3

​Improving your offer

  • ​​Adding testimonials
  • ​Adding trust ​signals

​Week 4

​Improving the design

  • ​​Refining the design
  • ​​​Adding a thank you page

Frequently Asked Questions

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​If you are not happy with any aspects of the course, we are happy to refund you 100%.  All we ask to fill a short survey.

We reserve the right to refund clients that we deem not suited for the course at any time.

About ​the Course Creator
  • ​3,000+ Thrive Themes ​websites analyzed
  • ​​10,000+ hours using Thrive Themes tools
  • ​1,000+ pages & opt-ins ​built with Thrive ​Architect