​New ​Group Coaching Pilot Program

​Find clients​ in 30 days using Thrive ​Architect

  • ​Work on your own site ​get your ​questions answered every week.
  • Move faster than you can doing it alone by having you coaching you
  • Get answers to your technical, design and content questions

​The focus​: Helping you find paying clients in 30 days.

The course will address the 4 most common problems I have seen

​​Being alone, No answers to your questions
​​The amount of features in the tools
​Getting stuck
with design
​Losing Perspective ​and Focus

Problem #​1 this course will address. 
​Getting help when you need it

​Getting answers quickly is important to move forward. ​

The Solution:
Every week, you can ask questions, and I will answer those questions.  And if people ask questions that doesn't move the needle on Finding Clients, I will bring them back into focus.  

This will be done in a group format, where you will get answers to your questions, and you will have the chance from learning from the answers given to other students.

​How it will work

How to submit a question:

​You can submit your questions using a video recording tool like UseLoom, Droplr or Snagit.

Note: The questions should be on topics covered on this course.  ​If you are facing a technical problem we can't help with, we will do the best we can, but most likely we will refer you to Thrive Themes Forums

If your project is confidential or want one-on-one support, you can upgrade the course to have one-on-one time instead of group coaching and training.

How it will be taught in the course.

I will be answering questions twice a week on:
Tuesday from 9AM to ​5PM ET and
Thursday from ​9AM to ​5PM ET.
This is group coaching, so you will have access to a group chat.  I can connect 1-on-1 with individual participants when needed, ​and I will answer questions with recorded videos that everyone can benefit from.

Coaching and Answers will be available for 4 weeks during those times:
​Prep​ Week: November 19th and November 21st 2019
Week ​1: November 26th and November 28th 2019
Week ​2: December 3rd and December 5th 2019
Week ​3: December 10th and December 12th 2019
Week ​​4: December 1​7th and December ​19th 2019

​Problem #2 this course will ​address.
​​The Tools.  ​

​​​​People gets overwhelmed with the tools. There are sometimes ​multiple ways of achieving the same thing.  ​ ​There are a lot of tutorials out there, but it takes time to learn.

Underlying cause: ​Thrive Themes is a professional tool with a lot of advanced features.  ​​​People are trying to do too difficult things when they are st​arting.

​The solution this course will provide:  ​ ​The course will focus on mastering the basic​s only, so we can ​publish ​quickly and ​focus on​ getting clients.  ​

How it will be taught in the course.

  • I will be building real-life pages using Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads.  
  • It will be covering the simplest ways to build pages.
  • I will cover the way to build responsive pages and opt-ins.
  • We will build pages from scratch, so you understand the key concepts like: Content Boxes, Columns, Background Sections, Images, Headers, Text Elements, Fonts, Margins and Padding.
  • I will be recording my screen and explaining the process.  
  • As I encounter issues and situations, I will explain how I resolve them.
  • If you have questions or get stuck, you will be able to ask questions.

​You will improve your design skills

Positive Side Effect:

You will be able to spot more easily good design from bad.

​Problem #3 this course will address. 


​People​ are not born designers.

​Most people come to me having built something that looks underwhelming.  It's normal, and I will share with you what I have learned so you can improve your design.

The underlying problem.  ​​Most People can spot better designed website vs a badly designed one.  But when it's time to design your own, people don't know why it doesn't look good.

Design is something that you get better at overtime, so I won't turn you into an award-winning designer, but ​I will ​teach you how to spot the obvious and improve your skills.​​​

The solution this course will provide: ​I will teach how to improve design by showing you what I would do on real-life design.  Every week, I will "critique" your pages so you can improve them.

Setting the right expectations.  ​Good Design can take a lot of time to learn and to do, so this course will be about the basics. But you will have gain some basic knowledge than you can always improve upon.  ​And if you prefer to hire professional designers in the future,you will have a much better understanding on how to select a designer, and how to communicate with ​them.

How it will be taught in the course.

  • As I will be building real-life pages using Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads, I will explain the design decisions I face based on the content I am building.  
  • I will be recording my screen and explaining different ways of designing.
  • Every week, I will review your page and give you ways you can improve your design.

Problem #​4 this course will address. 
Focus on finding clients

​It's normal to lose focus, and the way What do I write to get leads and clients?

The underlying problem: ​Most business owners are too close to their business to realize the value they ​provide, and have a hard time pitching the benefits to their prospects.​​​​​​  Also, People are easily distracted ​by tools, features and design.

The Solutions: We have a checklist that you can follow to make sure you cover the important aspect of turning a visitor into a potential buyer.

When you ask a question about something ​that doesn't improve the odds of finding clients, I will answer accordingly.

How it will be taught in the course.

  • The course will be built around building only a few things only so we can achieve our goals:
    - One lead Generation landing page,
    - One simple opt-in form,  
    - One great sales Landing page,
    - Two great thank you page.
  • When people lose focus and ask questions that hinders the goal of Finding Clients and improving cashflow, I will remind them of what is important
  • I have a few videos that demonstrate the importance (and lack of importance) of colours, fonts and image selection. It will show you what your visitor care in term of design.

​Business skills that will stay with you for life

​Even if you hire people in the future, learning the fundamentals of website building will help you market your business.

  • Design Principles so you understand what is good design.
  • ​Understand the intersection between technology, design and business.
  • The knowledge and confidence to ​update your website on your own or hire the right people

​Course Format

Learn how to

Some of what​ we want to teach

Course Objective : Learn how to use Thrive Themes to build beautiful landing pages.

Landing page strategy

We will start with the principles that makes a great website, including:
  1. What makes great, professional design
  2. Transforming plain pages to the next level
  3. Organizing your content
Key concepts covered
What makes a web page look professional

We will cover some example and explain what makes

Before and After

We show what can be done to bring plain pages into great pages.

​How to keep your design responsive

A few tips and tricks to keep your pages responsive

​Building Blocks 🠻

​Formatting your Landing Page 🠻

​Calls to Action 🠻

​The Next Steps

Being overwhelmed

With all the options available, it's easy to be overwhelmed.  Most people start by watching tutorials, but they get stuck.  We want to provide​ a step-by-step structure to allow you to focus on the essentials.

Lots of people never launch their website as they hit roadblocks.  Without a structure, people spend sometimes months, if not years, to build their website.

Learning Thrive Themes is a bit like learning to drive a car, it's much easier, faster and safer when someone is next to teach you.  

Once you ​learn the fundamentals, it stays with you for the rest of your life.

What people need to focus on

Learning what they need

Building a website can be done by following a series of steps.  Having an outside perspective and having someone to help us is key in building a great website.

Having the satisfaction of looking at our website and saying wow is the ultimate goal.

Your ultimate goal: Finding Clients

​Finding Paying Clients

One of the major problems i have found working with clients in the last 10 years, is that people focus too much on design and tools, instead of focusing on the primary goal: Finding Clients.

​There are processes that was used by the largest companies in the world, like Stripe and Uber.  Then found people with problems, and build a solution to solve that problem.  Through conversations and observations, and through a lot of iterations, they built solutions for them.

​Who this course is for.

​This course would be ideal for :

  • ​People who prefer speed of implementation over complexity
  • ​People ​prioritizing finding clients over anything else
  • ​People that are coachable and open to try different things to find clients

​This course would be ideal for :

  • ​​One Target Audience​
  • ​One Problem
  • ​One Solution

This Course​ would NOT be ideal for


Thrive Themes is very powerful, but this course might not be ideal for a complex funnel, complex design or non-thrive features.  ​If you are interested in more complex design, contact us.

In short, This course w​ill
not be for :

  • ​A complete website.
  • ​A complex Websites
  • Complex features
  • Advanced functionality
  • ​High End Design

​What this course is not for

​Not for learning ​advanced Photo Editing.  

We will only use what's built in Thrive Architect only.  Creating of thumbnails can be done using third-party tools or with third-party freelancers.

​Not for Complex Technical Issues.

This course is not tech support.  Installing Thrive Themes and doing any type of technical support on hosting, caching or technical issues.  If you have technical issues, ​we can suggest resources so you can fix them.  

The course assumes you have Thrive Themes installed and ready.  

​Not for building a blog.

This course will not be about create a contact page, an about page or other products pages. It will be about creating landing page so you can promote an offer.

Not for Perfectionists

​This course was designed for beginners to intermediate people.  This is not an advanced course and if you are looking for something perfect, this is not the course for you.

Not for Speed optimization.

​There will be no focus on optimizing for speed.  I will share best practice, but will not address your site web speed.​​​

Frequently Asked Questions

​Can't find an answer to your question?  ​Send your question.

What ​would be the ​price of the course

Why ​landing pages format

I am not sure if the pace will be too fast or to slow for me

Would we learn about Auto-responder sequences

When w​ould the course start and how ​would I register

Why 4 weeks

​Would there any prerequisites

​How about refunds

Have Questions? 
Chat with us or send us a message.


​If you are not happy with any aspects of the course, we are happy to refund you 100%.  All we ask to fill a short survey.

We reserve the right to refund clients that we deem not suited for the course at any time.