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​Thrive Themes Course

  • Reduce ​your frustration
  • Get answers to your questions
  • ​Be finally proud of your website


​What we want to teach in this course

​Website skills that will stay with you for life

​Even if you hire people in the future, learning the fundamentals of website building will help you market your business.

  • Design Principles so you understand what is good design.
  • ​Understand the intersection between technology, design and business.
  • The knowledge and confidence to ​update your website on your own or hire the right people

Learn how to

Some of what​ we want to teach

Course Objective : Learn how to use Thrive Themes to build beautiful landing pages.

Landing page strategy

We will start with the principles that makes a great website, including:
  1. What makes great, professional design
  2. Transforming plain pages to the next level
  3. Organizing your content
Key concepts covered
What makes a web page look professional

We will cover some example and explain what makes

Before and After

We show what can be done to bring plain pages into great pages.

​How to keep your design responsive

A few tips and tricks to keep your pages responsive

​Building Blocks 🠻

​Formatting your Landing Page 🠻

​Calls to Action 🠻

Why ​taking a Thrive Themes course ?

Thrive Themes has a learning curve

Picking Thrive Themes is a great choice as it has a lot of tools part of the box. But like in any tool boxes, not knowing what tool to use when, and how to use each tool properly is the first problem. 

There is a normal learning curve and it's easy to get stuck at first. A course ​would help a lot of people.

Learning is hard and it can be frustrated when we do not get answers as we make mistakes. 

This course ​would have for primary objective to teach how to use the most common tools in the Thrive Toolbox.

Issues of Doing it Yourself without a Pro

Being overwhelmed

With all the options available, it's easy to be overwhelmed.  Most people start by watching tutorials, but they get stuck.  We want to provide​ a step-by-step structure to allow you to focus on the essentials.

Lots of people never launch their website as they hit roadblocks.  Without a structure, people spend sometimes months, if not years, to build their website.

What people need to focus on

Learning what they need

Building a website can be done by following a series of steps.  Having an outside perspective and having someone to help us is key in building a great website.

Having the satisfaction of looking at our website and saying wow is the ultimate goal.

Your ultimate goal

Your Website as
an investment

Your website is an asset.  If you advertise online, people will land on your landing page.  That is what makes money.

Learning Thrive Themes is a bit like learning to drive a car, it's much easier, faster and safer when someone is next to teach you.  Once you know it, it stays with you for the rest of your life.

Our Courses ​would be ideal for

People that want ​to have a foundation.

This course ​would be ideal for :

  • Fast Simple Clean Design
  • No Features outside of Thrive Themes
  • Something to build upon

This Course​ would NOT be ideal for


Thrive Themes is very powerful, but this course might not ​be ideal​ for a complex funnel, complex design or non-thrive features.  But we might still be able to help you with our One-on-One Training or our Done-for-you service.

In short, This course ​would not be ideal for​:      

  • Complex Websites
  • Complex features
  • Very High End Design

Frequently Asked Questions

What ​would be the ​price of the course

Why ​landing pages

I am not sure if the pace will be too fast or to slow for me

Would we learn about Auto-responder sequences

When w​ould the course start and how ​would I register

Why 4 weeks

​Would there any prerequisites

​How about refunds

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