Looking to hire a
Thrive Themes expert?

I was hired over 200 times in the last 4 years to build or improve Thrive Themes websites.

I have read over 1,500 project requests from both new and successful established business owners.  

Here's what I have learned.
  • 97% of project or job descriptions are missing information for freelancers to understand the job.
  • 90% of people looking to hire Thrive Themes freelancers end up not finding and hiring anyone.
  • Most business owners would have an easier time hiring if they improve they project description before hiring anyone.
  • I am currently working on a mini-course to share my insights about hiring conversion-focused freelancers. You can take the quiz on this page to receive an e-mail when it's ready. I am available for hire for strategy sessions too, take the quiz if you are interested.
About Denis Ethier
Founder of ThriveMate
  • 10,000+ hours using Thrive Themes tools
  • 1,000+ pages & opt-ins built with Thrive Themes
  • 200+ Thrive Themes projects.