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​Benefits of starting with​ a strategy ​session

  • ​Define how much you should spend.
  • ​Get a detailed list​ of what you should build.
  • ​Understand the amount of time it will take a contractor and yourself to ​build it.
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  • ​A list of pages and ​Calls-to-action to create
  • ​A list of ​tools needed to build the site
  • ​A list of things you will have to do as a business owner to reach your goals.
  • ​An estimate for ThriveMate to do the ​implementation
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​Risks in not starting with ​strategy

  • ​Not knowing how much a project will cost
  • Build something you don't need
  • ​Wasting time on the wrong things
  • ​Making errors in hiring people
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Risks of not starting with strategy

What we don't advise on:

  • ​Membership websites,
  • E-commerce websites.​
  • ​Themes and Plugins not from Thrive Themes
  • Products or services that Google or Facebook do not approve.

What is not included 
(But can be purchased separately.)

  • ​A full existing website audit.

Interested?  How much is it?

​The next step is to write back to me, I will follow up with a Questionnaire.  Based on the complexity of your business and the size of your goals, I will give you a price for the strategy and planning session.