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The best way to hire someone (and avoid hiring mistakes & overspending) is by clearly defining your project before you reach out to freelancers.

A detailed project brief is the best way for you to compare freelancers and find the right fit for your budget.

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The best way to attract good freelancers is by writing a project brief that is clear. There are 12 key elements it should have.  Download our free checklist now.

What people say about our checklist 

As a new coach, I didn't know how to get my first website built.  

I downloaded the checklist and took their training.  It got me clear on what I needed to build first. I wrote a detailed project brief that I used to reach out to a few freelancers.

Discussing with freelancers was easy, as everything was in the brief.  I got a few estimates and decided on one. It took the freelancer only 5 hours to build my first website.  I spent less than what I had budgeted for.

On top of it, I now have a clear strategy to generate leads for my new business.

Usa Suayroop
Associate Certified Coach (ICF)

About ThriveMate

6 years ago I bought a conversion-focused website tool called Thrive Themes.

Soon after, I started to help people set up Thrive Themes, fix technical issues, and improve the design of their website.

I quickly learned about the importance of the communication between both clients and freelancers.

I turned my design and communication skills into a new service where I help small business owner find and hire freelancers.

Denis Ethier
ThriveMate Founder

There are dozens of freelancers who can help you with your website, design or marketing.

Write an attractive description of your project.  

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