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Last Updated: June 10, 2019

2018 Website Hosting GDPR Compliance Status List

Most web hosting companies ​are be holding data of clients ​as WordPress very often captures email address, and other visitors information.

Some Hosting companies have announced their plans to reach GDPR compliance before the May 25th 2018 deadline.  But searching googles yields very often no results for a lot of hosts. From the time of writing, Siteground and wpengine seems to be the ones that are working to reach compliance the most among managed WordPress Hosting companies.

​Here's a list of announcements made by website hosts regarding GDPR Compliance.

Managed WordPress Hosts
(or with some WordPress specific plans)


Status :​ GDPR COMPLIANT (​May 24th 2018)

See latest post : SiteGround is now GDPR Compliant May 24th 2018

​Previous news :

Webinar May 10th 2018
​What is GDPR and what is your web host's role in it


WPX Hosting (Traffic Planet)

Status : Unknown

See their latest news :
Only general information is posted here:


Status : Unknown

No Information found


Status :​ They say they are fully GDPR compliant.  But no details could be found.


Update May 4th 2018
The Lowdown on GDPR Compliance for WordPress Users

A2 Hosting

Status : Currently working on it (Updated Mar 15, 2018)

See their latest news :

​General Hosting Providers

Amazon AWS

Status : Ready.  All AWS Services GDPR Ready (March 26th, 2018)

See their latest news :

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