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Last Updated: January 5, 2020

Turning Google’s bad search results into opportunities

​When people have a question, Google is often the first thing ​people use to find an answer.  ​Typing directly on our phones, computers or just by saying: Hey Google.

​​But often​ we do not get an exact answer.  Take this example: "Best software to build my website."  The result is not ​ideal.  ​It returns a list of software, but not the one the user should buy. How to user will choose from this huge list? (See Image) 

First, if Google w​ere truly intelligent, it would give 1 answer, not 1 billion results.

The fact is, the answer to the question "best software for my website" is: "It depends."

It depends on ​the budget you have, on ​what type of website you want to build, and hundreds of other factors.

This is where ​you as a business owner​ can find people to help.

​Lots of results, but no clear answers

​Things google searchers do​ when they can't find an answer

  1. They might go on page 2 of Google, but that's rare.
  2. They might abandon the search altogether. ​
  3. If getting the answer is important, they might go and search on YouTube.  ​YouTube is considered the 2nd largest search engine.
  4. ​​The next thing people might do ​is to ask the questions in a Facebook Group, on Twitter,​ or in any of the other websites out there.

    This is​ where you can answer their question and be a hero to them.

    And you can be sure that If they reach that point, ​getting an answer is likely important to them.

    Here are some examples of people answering other people's questions in various ways.

​Dave Ramsay on Financial questions

Answering questions over the phone.  People are calling in.​

Scotty Kilmer on Car Questions

Answering questions live on YouTube.  The questions are submitted via the ​YouTube chat.

Gary V with a Guest on Business Questions

Answering questions over the phone by calling people. The show doesn't have to be live.

​John Mueller from Google answering questions via Zoom

Using Zoom allows​ seeing the people asking the questions.

​Alex Turnbull answering questions on the GrooveHQ blog

​Nice screenshot of the submitted question followed by a text answer.

​Link to the full blog post.

Myself answering Thrive Themes questions on Facebook

The question was asked on Facebook.  I recorded a video, created a blog post and submitted the answer on Facebook.

Link to the blog post.

​Of course, ​once the blog post is created, it can be shared over and over.  As a bonus, the video on YouTube might be found on YouTube, and the blog post might be indexed by google.

Other Ways

  • ​Look for questions on Twitter, and create a blog post answering it.
  • If you have a ​website, you can have a comment section and answer people's questions there.  There is a comment section at the bottom of this post, feel free to ask your question there.

​In Conclusion

​When people have questions, ​they look on google first. If Google fails to give a good answer, ​they look in other places​.  You can build an audience (and find clients) by looking for those questions and answering them.  

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