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Last Updated: June 10, 2018

Cascading Opt-ins, an alternative to the already subscribed state

​The already-subscribed state is a great way to hide an opt-in after someone put their email and click submit.  You can then show another opt-in, or an add or any content.   You can show a button to access to locked content.   Or you could hide the opt-in completely.

​Each opt-in has its own already subscribed state and it's not global.

If you want to run a campain on your site globally, you can use a series of cascading Thrive Ultimatum campaigns to achieve some time-based global campaign.  

The ribbon​ that you see at the bottom of this page can be shown to everyone.  You could still show your regular content upgrade, or replace them through one single lead group and put Thrive Ultimatum shortcodes inside the Thrive Lead opt-ins.  Thrive ultimatum allows for multiple shortcode, so you should be able to customize them according to the location of the opt-in.

​To show the ​possibilities of this setup, I have create a cascading campaign.  Join this mini-course for Free.  It is right now setup as a trigger-based campaign for demonstration purpose based on the first time arrived on this page.

​However ​there are a lot of options​.

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