Choosing a theme when using Thrive Architect

​Choosing a theme is an important part of building your website. Here's the full 35-min talk i made in the Facebook Community and Support Group.

​I have covered the topic last year comparing the Rise Theme and the Pressive Theme, both themes from Thrive Themes.

This time, I will go deeper.  Here are a few of the topics ​talked about:

  • ​Reasons​ why people choose a specific theme over another : speed, look and feel, customizability, compability with​ other 3-party plugins.
  • ​​Potential issues ​that can arise from time to time​.
  • ​Other risks
  • Pro and Cons of using a theme from Thrive Themes
    ​Header​ (Sticky Menus, menu levels), Sidebar, Footer (number of columns), Social Icons, fonts, blog index layout, blog post layout
  • ​Pro and Cons of using a theme from ​a different company
  • ​If you are considering a non-thrive theme, What to consider ​ before, and what to ​right after installing, and what to keep monitoring on a on-going basis.​
  • ​Demo of Rise Themes

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Here's a few related videos where you should focus your attention when you start your website in regards to the Header and Footer of your website.

Here's my 4-min point of view on the importance of Headers and Footers

​Here's ​a 25 min video ​that goes into more details ​with more example​s​

  • May 28, 2018

Denis Ethier

Thrive Themes Designer, Integrator and Consultant.