Looking for an epic internship in marketing?

Is this you?

  • You love writing?
  • You love learning?
  • You would love to learn how to build a business from scratch?

The epic work you will perform

The job will be twofold.  

  • Take a new online course that teaches how to build a website and business online.
  • Follow the course and build a new website and business (we will provide extra guidance).
  • While you take the course and build the new website, you will have the chance to promote the course through different social platforms.
  • Help refine the course content.

The regular tasks

of your time

Content Creation

  • Writing. You have to love writing.   It will be the core of the job.  For content creation, emailing our list, and social media.
  • Design.  Have the chance to create blog post, social media thumbnails and other creatives.
  • Tools. Our primary tool is WordPress for publishing. But we also use many other tools.
of your time

Content Promotion and Strategy

  • Develop a strategy for promotion.
  • Publish Content.
  • Promotion on Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Tiktok, Instragram.
of your time

Result-Based marketing

  • Improve the marketing based on client interaction.
of your time

Other Fun Stuff

  • Prospecting Strategy.
  • Market Research.
  • Branding.

Learn by doing

You will get the chance to create great content.

Our framework to build startups

Some of the tools we use

If you would like to learn a lot of different things, work on a brand new startup being built from the ground up, then apply today.

We like the 80/20 principle in marketing.
As things will never be perfect, we just focus on helping people.

We launch quickly, learn from the market, and iterate often.    

Done is better than perfect

What is the project you will be working on?

Here's the context:

Businesses have problems in attracting top talent.  Top talents are looking at their job postings, and are not attracted to it.  It's bland, it doesn't showcase the opportunity and it doesn't answer all the questions candidates may have.

It's 2020. Tools have evolved.  We are building products and services around that problem.

Here's what the first campaign draft you will help refine and promote:

How to attract top talent.

1800 to 2019

Wondering why it's hard to attract talent?
Maybe you are using a job description that looks like this.

Marketing Internship available.  Reporting to the CEO, the Marketing Specialist is involved in all key marketing initiatives and works directly with the CEO.

Key Responsibilities
• Assist in initiating, adjusting and developing the company's marketing strategy;
• Communicate with editorial/studio/marketing team to make feasible shooting plans and ensure the timeline is strictly followed;
• Create eye-catching and thought-provoking content and campaigns
• Build up the company’s profiles and ensure the daily presence.

• Bachelor’s or DEC degree (or in process) in Marketing.
• Marketing or other relevant experience in a fast-paced environment with an emphasis on media;
• Understanding of core principles and application of...


Attract top talent with visual, authentic and epic job descriptions.
Here's what your job posting could look like.

Apply Now.  

Your job will be about creating digital assets and promoting them. We initially want to attract companies to hire us to redesign their current job postings into beautifully designed job descriptions.

Apply through RIIPEN
or send us a message.

We would love you to share it.

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