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Last Updated: January 2, 2021

Grammarly alternative for Thrive Architect and Thrive Themes

Grammarly doesn't work with Thrive Architect, but there is an alternative: ProWritingAid.

It's very similar to Grammarly.  As you type, ProWritingAid underlines what is wrong.

It underlines mistakes in yellow, blue, or red.

And it does it while editing in a Thrive Architect text element.

Here's a screenshot:

ProWritingAid has a lot of other advanced features.  Here are a few screenshots.

Click the image to enlarge

Click the image to enlarge

ProWritingAid works with a dark background color too.

Try it out.

You can try it for free with a limit of 500 words it can analyze.

You can upgrade with a 20% coupon off coupon.  Use this link and the coupon HONEY20 at checkout.  It's comparable to what Grammarly costs.  It comes down to $5.27 per month for a 1-year license.  

They have extensions for with most major browsers.

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