How much to budget for Marketing when building with Thrive Themes

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​​Money Investment Guidelines
(As Percentage of Yearly revenue)

​5 to 2​2%
​Of Revenue
  • Strategy and Planning (1%)
  • Coaching/Training (​1%)
  • Tools (1% to 2%)
  • Asset Creation (​4% to 8%).  
    This is typically done through hiring someone.
    Otherwise, ​could be invested in courses and Time. ​
  • Advertising Cost (​4% to 8%).
    Otherwise, ​could be invested in courses and Time ​.

    Total: Between 5% and 22%

Time Investment Guidelines

​15 to ​40h
​Per Week
  • ​Tools Learning (5 hours per week) This can be a lot more at the beginning, and will reduce over time.
  • Assets Creation (​5 hours per week)
  • ​​Leads/Clients Generation (5 hours per week)
  • Service Delivery (up to 20 hours per week)

    Total: Between ​15 and 40 hours per week


  • If you are starting or not
  • If you have an existing list of potential clients
  • If you have potential partners
  • How many businesses you have built in the past
  • ​Competition level in your niche

How to justify your marketing budget

  • ​Make sure you get an ROI
  • Focus on finding clients
  • Find a niche with minimum competition

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  • November 5, 2019

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