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Last Updated: January 2, 2021

How much do you charge for a website?

If you want to hire a freelancer or an agency to build your website, there will be a cost.

There are many factors influencing the cost of a website,.

Here's are 5 main factors.

The 5 big factors influencing the cost of building a website

Factor 1: The quantity of content

The quantity of pages, blog posts, opt-ins you need.  

Ideally you want to get a list of all the pages, blog posts, and interactive elements you want to get built.

Here are the common pages you typically see on a website.

  • Landing Pages
  • Regular Pages
  • Blog Posts
  • Opt-ins (Interactive Elements)

Remember not all pages are created equal.

Some are long, some are short.  

Here's an example of one page with 10 page sections.  Of course, having 10 sections takes longer to build than having 2 or 3 sections.

How to get an accurate estimate

Make a list of all pages you need to create before you speak to a designer.  

If you are not sure, we have a course that can help create that list.

Factor 2: The complexity of the design

The more complex the design, the longer it takes to design the content.

Here are some examples of different levels of complexity.


Three design complexity

The cost and amount of time really depends on the complexity of the design.  Here are 3 types.

Example 1: Very Simple Design (Built in 1 minute)

Example 2: Clean Design (Built in 4 Hours)

Example 3: High-End Design (Built in 100 hours)

Factor 3: The features

The price of the website will depend on other factors, the tools that you have, the new tools that you will need.

  • Search
  • Calendar booking
  • Payments
  • Live chat
  • Social Sharing

Factor 4: The tools used to build the website.

There are a lot of different tools that can be used to build a website. For example, the tool I use is Thrive Themes that costs: $228/year.  

Also, the price for the domain name and hosting needs to be taken into account.

The more traffic the website gets, the more expensive hosting costs.  I pay $83/year for hosting and $20/year for the domain.

Factor 5: Freelancer's rate

Their experience

Be aware that if you hire a junior person, they might take more time than an experienced person.

Their location

Lots of freelancers are available from countries where the cost of living is less.

How much should you pay?

Some freelancers are design websites to help you generate sales, instead of building websites that are "just beautiful".

They might be charging more, but by design a website with a goal of generating revenue, that can end up being a better choice.

How to ensure your website will help you generate revenue

Talk to designers focusing on lead and revenue generation

Some designers only focus on the visual aspect of the website they build.  Other designers, like us, specialize in building websites with lead generation in mind.  

Make a plan

By writing a detailed plan (you can have a look at our course on planning), you minimize risks.

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How much do you charge for a website?
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