Improving your Thrive Architect landing pages by refining your pitch

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​If you want to improve your conversion rate, there are multiple things you can tweak.  One of them is your business pitch.

​What is Pitching?

​Mike Harris puts it so well.  It's a gr​eat answer to a question that we're all asked all the time "What do you do?.

You can watch him in this ​section below.

What is a Perfect ​Pitch?

It's a great answer to ​the question  "What do you do?"

-Mike Harris

​I have personally looked at thousands of Thrive Themes websites, and ​very often, I can't understand what is on that website.  I am not sure about what they do, how it could help me or someone else.  

In this post, ​I ​have put together a list ​of​ resources ​that should help ​you​ communicate what you do.

Of course, ​your pitch is ​not the only important thing​​​.  Your ads, your niche and ​the interactions you have with your leads ​are very important in marketing.  

​This blog post​ will focus ​on the pitch.

Why 99% of businesses fail at pitching

1. ​​We do not test it enough

​​The only way to know if our pitch delivers, it's to test it, and practice it.  You can take the "What do you do?" test to see how other humans would react to your pitch.

2. We d​o​ not see ​our own real value.

​What we do becomes easy over time.  Then we often forget our valuable this knowledge is to other people without that knowledge.  

​3. ​Not knowing who we are speaking too.

When we meet people in real life, we can adjust our pitch to the person in front of us.  Online, things are harder.  But there are several techniques you can use.  ​For example, you can have buttons ​on your page ​​that redirect people to a more tailored page​.

Y Combinator 7 Questions

Kevin Hale from Y Combinator shares 7 Questions your visitors ask themselves when they land on your website.  

AirBNB and Stripe are two notable companies Y Combinator has helped through their program.

​99% of time I look at people's websites ​[...] and there is no sentence [...] that ​let me understand what it is​ this company does.

​Kevin Hale, ​Partner at Y Combinator

The 7 questions are:

  1. What is ​this? 
    What does th​is business do?  
    Can ​your mom understand it?

  2. Is it right for me?
    ​Will it ​work for me?

  3. Is it legit?  
    Is the ​design decent?

  4. Who else is using it?
    ​Do they have clients?

  5. How much is it? 
    If it's free, what's the catch?

  6. Where can I get help?  
    Is there a human behind this?

  7. What is the call to action?
    What is the next step if I am interested?

Mike Harris with the Key Person of Influence

​Mike Harris, who founded 3 multi-billion pound businesses, helps small-business owners refine their pitch.  ​Here's a video and a summary of his pitch architecture.

​Things to consider

  1. Don't be boring.
  2. No Business jargon.
  3. No Technical jargon.
  4. Simplify it.
  5. Be Clear.
  6. Be unique.  Have a product nobody else has or focus on a particular niche that you understand better than everybody else.
  7. Don't sound weird at the beginning.
  8. No silly claims.
  9. Show that you are excited about you do.
  10. Show that you understand how tough your potential client problem is.


  1. Clarity.   Great answer to the question "What it is you do?". Leave people interested, excited and inspired.
  2. Credibility.  Why people should listen to you?  Why ​should they care?
  3. Relevance.  The niche for whom it is for.  Your visitor needs to understand the how hard the problem you solve.  
  4. Believability.  What is the solution?
  5. Grounded Enthusiasm.  

The Futur: Branding Basics

​The Futur ​has a very popular Youtube channel with ​tons of ​information on design and branding.

In this video, they talk about what a good brand should have.

​Building trust.

  1. ​​Ability.  Are they able to deliver?
  2. Benevolence.  Do they care about me?
  3. Integrity.  Have some values.
  4. Identity.  How does it looks​?
  5. Communication.  How ​do you talk?

Other items you can add or fine-tune

  1. Add video​s.
  2. ​Show your product.
  3. ​Show the number of clients you have helped.
  4. Show ​examples of results you have created for clients.
  5. Tell a story about your clients.
  6. ​Tell your own story.
  7. Show proof of ​your results.
  8. Talk about the status quo.
  9. Talk about your own goals as a business owner.
  10. ​Tell w​hen the service can be delivered.
  11. Build a sense of urgency .
  12. Build a sense of exclusivity.

​Getting Feedback

" [...] You’re also pitching to get feedback and some of your best insights will come from your critics."

​Daniel Priestly
​Author of Key Person of Influence

​Getting help

  1. Take this list and ​keep improving your page.
  2. ​Show your landing page to other people and ask ​their honest opinion​.  Ask them to describe what you do, what problem you solve and who can benefit.
  3. Request a professional marketer or designer to review your funnel.  We can do a quick review one of your page. It's a free assessment​ where we record a short video and​ tell you ​what we would change first.
  • December 15, 2019

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