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Last Updated: September 1, 2020

Increase conversions with Thrive Leads Already Subscribed State

Displaying lead magnets to new visitors is a great way to generate leads. And Thrive Leads is a great tool for that.  

But once a lead is in your mailing list, you might want to stop showing them that particular lead magnet.  Thrive Leads has an option to show hide that lead magnet from those visitors,  or show them another different offer.  You could display a different lead magnet for example, or an offer to a paid product.

This is where the Smart Links come into play.  It's a feature of Thrive Leads that can help you show your product to your prospect.

It's simply a set of parameters you can add the end of the URL of the page or blog links you send to your list.

Here's an example


Let's break it down:

1) The first part is the blog post link https://www.thrivemate.com/increase-conversions-with-thrive-leads-already-subscribed-state/

2) Set the first parameter ?tl_inbound=1 simply indicates that we are invoking the smart link, and we do not want to show the default lead groups.

3) Set the second parameter is tl_target_all=1 or &tl_groups[0]=XXXX (where XXXX is the post ID of the lead group).  

Please note that this changes the lead group forms and the Thrive Lead shortcodes and Thrive Boxes

4) Set the third parameter is &tl_form_type=1.  It means that the already subscribed state will show.  If it is not part of the URL, it will hide the form.

5) Lastly the last parameter is &tl_period_type=X.  

Your options are:
Until the visitor closes the browser tab: &tl_period_type=1
A custom period of time: &tl_period_type=2&tl_period_days=10
For as long as possible: &tl_period_type=3
If this parameter is not in the URL, then the next time the visitor visit that page the standard rules will apply.

Test it

Enter your text here...


Some of your leads will want and need to download your free content over and over before taking a decision.

Some of your readers might have forgotten they have downloaded some of your free content.  Or they want to download it again, because they can't find it.  Or maybe they are on a different computer or a mobile device.

For these scenarios, having a page with all of your free content can be a great way for them to find it easily.  Add them to your email signature as well.


If you are not familiar with URL parameters, use the SmartLink tool to format the URL for you. It is found in the Advanced Features of Thrive Leads accessible from the top right menu.  It will generate the URLs for you.

Otherwise, you can generate it yourself, but make sure you put the ? and & at the right place.

You can always test it out too.  You can clear your cookies to reset them.

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