Generate your First $10K
using Thrive Themes

  • Why work alone?  Join this group of other Thrive Themes users supporting each other.
  • We provide the extra support regarding design, marketing and other technical aspects of your website to help you make money.
  • For people already generating revenue and people starting out wanting to generate their first $10,000.

Learn what you need to generate your first $10,000 in revenue using Thrive Themes.

What is the ThriveMate Mastermind

The ThriveMate mastermind is access to an experienced Thrive Theme expert every week that will help you launch or optimize your website.  At $99/month, you will get this extra support and gain the knowledge you need to reach your goals.  

How the mastermind can help you

  • By helping you getting clear about the content you need to create.
  • By having an easy way to ask your questions. 
  • By giving you regular feedback on your website so you can improve it.
  • By teaching the fundamentals of design and marketing.
  • By providing you with checklists for publishing content.  
  • By helping you simplify your design, your website and your marketing.
  • By giving you contextual advice so you can stay on budget and on time.
  • By giving you advice on the right tools to use to reach your goals.
  • By providing motivation and encouragement to get you going through tough times.
  • By helping you focus your efforts on your clients so you can generate an income.

Find out if this will work for you.

  • Simply take the quiz on this page and answer a quick questionnaire.
  • We will look at your website and situation, and let you know if you would benefit from our membership.

How the mastermind membership can help you every week.

  • Get feedback on the content your want to create.
  • Take the Thrive Theme training and learn the simplest way to build your content.
  • If you get stuck, you ask your questions, they will be answered during our Q&A sessions and get you unstuck.
  • As you work on your goal, you can request feedback on what you are creating and receive vital insights on what is good and what can be improved.

Who is it for

People using Thrive Themes that want to:

  • People who feel stuck
  • Improve their website using conversion-focused latest techniques and Thrive Themes tools.
  • Simplify their website to get better results.
  • Improve the results they provide to their own clients.

Want to test it out?
Ask a question and learn how we can help by taking the quiz.

How the mastermind can get you unstuck

What I have learned after analyzing thousands of Thrive Themes websites:  We all get stuck.

Here's how the mastermind can help you.

Weekly support

Weekly Q&A

  • Every week, you have the chance to ask questions.
  • If you can't make it to the live Q&A, submit your questions ahead of time and watch the recording anytime after.

Weekly Website Feedback

  • Submit a page for a review and receive valuable feedback.
  • Work and improve your website on a continuous basis.

What other benefits does it provide?

Business owners should have fun building and creating.  By working with other people (that you can talk to on a weekly basis), you will have a place to go to get support.

Who is running it?

My name is Denis.  I have spent the last 5 years helping people building their website and business using the tools from Thrive Themes.  I have a deep technical background, so it can help with simplifying the technical side of things.  I am a designer, and it can help you improve your website presentation, making it more professional. And because I have seen thousands of websites, I can help you tweak your content to make it clearer.

About Denis Ethier
Founder of ThriveMate
  • 10,000+ hours using Thrive Themes tools
  • 1,000+ pages & opt-ins built with Thrive Themes
  • 200+ Thrive Themes projects.

What is the story behind it?

I hate seeing people with great skills and knowledge get stuck.  I have helped a lot of people with technical and design aspects of Thrive Themes, but I came to realize that people needed more help.  They need support in creating great compelling offers, finding clients, marketing, and communicating what they do in an effective way.  I have build this mastermind program to help more people, with a small fixed monthly fee.  My goal is to get you to your first $10,000 of revenue.

Some of the Thrive Themes training we are building that you will get access to.

How to build marketing pages

Attract clients with by sharing free knowledge.


Main Headline

Your Free Offer

Trust Building


How to build capture pages or popups

Use forms and popups to capture the information of people interested in what you have.

How to build trust building thank you pages

Learn how a great thank you page can build your authority, build trust and lead to sales.  


Main Headline

Thank You Video


How to increase trust on your website.

Create pages that describe and illustrate what you do in a clear way.

Logo and Call to Action

Hero Image
Main Headline

Your Free Offer

Clients or Partner Logos

Your Paid Offer


Footer with About Us, Pages and Contact Information

Copyright, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Social Networks Profiles

The training will show you how the simplest way to use Thrive Architect and keep your design responsive with the minimum amount of efforts

Learn how to improve your design skills by watching our tutorials to create elements like these

Learn the fundamentals and the simplest ways of using the tools from Thrive Themes.

Learn the fundamentals of web design

Your computer screen is 2D but your website is 3D.

Learn how to properly use Thrive Architect works by understanding the 3D nature of web design.

On-demand training

Here some of the training we are planning.  It will be created on-demand based on the needs of the group.

Business Fundamentals: Ideas and Planning
  • The principles of this improvement: snapshot, planning, iterations, focus.
  • Creating a business snapshot and a first plan using our checklists.
  • Defining a realistic goal: Why generating $200, $2,000, $20,000 or $200,000 involves different strategies.
  • Planning the content needed to achieve your goal.
  • Defining a realistic budget and calendar to achieve that goal.
  • Budgeting our time: learning time vs creation time.
  • Planning the support we need.
  • Building a calendar we can trust and love.
  • Website Testing: Responsiveness.
  • Website Testing: Testing the clarity.
  • Website Testing: Testing with potential/actual clients.
  • 3 types of marketing: free, paid and through partnerships.
  • Examples of free marketing.
  • When to start running ads.
  • Finding partners.
  • How to initially respond to leads.
  • How to have a conversation with leads.
  • How to handle financial transactions.
  • Delivering your services by creating content with Thrive Themes and other tools.
  • Collecting testimonials using Thrive Ovation.
  • Asking for referrals and social shares.
  • Analyzing your results: Visitors, leads and sales.
  • Taking a decision after 8 weeks: Tweaking, optimizing, pivoting or scaling.

Design Fundamentals with Thrive Themes
  • Understanding the principles of responsive design
  • Background Sections, content boxes, text elements
  • Colors
  • Margin and Padding
  • Icons
  • Using Columns
  • Improving your designs
  • Adding design elements

Real-life Thrive Themes Website Build
  • Setup: Setting Thrive Theme Builder, Fonts, Colors.
  • Creating the simplest page and go live.
  • Adding lead capture.
  • Adding content.
  • Creating a simple logo.
  • Creating a Thank You Page.
  • Adding credibility with a footer.
  • Adding graphical elements.
  • Adding an exit-Intent Popup.
  • Adjustments for responsiveness.
  • Adding a payment page.
  • Adding an on-boarding page.
  • Adding trust signals.
  • Collecting testimonials with Thrive Ovation.
  • Displaying testimonials with Thrive Ovation.
  • Analyzing yours results and deciding on what to improve.

Program Style

  • After you join, you follow our videos to first set a goal that you want to reach.  And then make a plan how to reach that goal in the next 30 days.  We will help you through that process.
  • We get guidance and resources available to get started.
  • Anytime during the week, if you get stuck or have a questions, you send it to us.  We will answer them live on Tuesday at 1PM (live) and on Thursday through recorded videos.
  • At anytime, you can request a review of any of your pages and get a personalized feedback on it on Tuesday or Thursday.
  • If a more in-depth answer is needed, we will create additional training to explain it in more detail.

Who is this program NOT for?

  • People building a business just for the money and not caring about the help they provide to the other humans.
  • People not enjoying receiving feedback and mistakes that they might have made on their website.
  • People looking for shortcuts and not willing to put the work necessary to learn and to build a business.

Is it going to work for you?

This is something we want to clarify before you buy.  We care about the results you will get.  The way we can make sure if this program is a fit is for you by taking the quiz.  Tell us about your current situation, your goals, and the time frame you want to achieve that goal.  We will review your situation and let you know if this program can help you achieve your goal.

How easy is it?

Building a business or finding clients is often challenging.  It's exceptionally hard when we do it for the first time, or without support.

Our mastermind group was designed so you have the tools and support to get you unstuck.

What is unique about the ThriveMate Mastermind

There are other masterminds or training about marketing, but often they do not cover the technical or design part of building a website or funnel.

This ThriveMate mastermind has Thrive Themes at his core, and is focused on building and iterating quickly.

Join our public Facebook group Thrive Themes Strategies.

money back


30 day guarantee

What are the guarantees?

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

You can get a full refund anytime within the first 30 days

What about the schedule?

Each week, I will be answering your questions.  You can submit your question ahead of time or ask it during our live weekly call.  If you have no questions, you can submit a request to get personalized feedback on one of your website page. I will be answering via a live video on Tuesday at 1PM ET and via a recorded videos on Thursday afternoon.

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