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Last Updated: October 19, 2020

Converting Leads into clients using Screencasts in 2019 (Screen Recordings)

If you want to convert more leads into clients, using screencasts (recording your screen and talking over it) when responding to them can be very effective.  You can stand out from your competitors when your prospect reaches out to multiple vendors.

The example has the camera switched off, but it could be enabled full screen or in a small square in a corner.  See Video Example below.

Benefits of video response

1. It wows Prospect

Some Response I got following a screencast sent to someone that wrote me:

Hello Denis, thank you for taking the time to produce the video/chat I'm impressed! ...(so I'm going to delete the other 'Thrive Dev's that I've bookmarked)
Thank you so much for this. If I may I will send you the new site with the landing pages on it next week for your comments.

I must write a google review for you.
W O W!

This was the most eye opening video!
I am truly grateful for your time and knowledge.

As a brick and mortar, business owner as well I know The power of customer service.
You have impressed me.

I love what I'm learning, in this short video. And I'm excited to dive deeper. 
My starting budget was $800-1,000 and I wanted to partner with someone who could assist me through my learning curve after it's built. 
I'm hoping that could be you 🙂
Thank you very much for your pricing policies and thorough video response, I must say I'm truly impressed.

2. It's faster than typing

When talking we speed at around 150 Words Per Minute.  Most people will type between 30 to 50 words per minute.  

Sometimes I might re-record as I learn something new while I speak.  Most of the time I will record 1 video, even if it's not perfect.

3. It's more personal

It is much more personal, as they will be able to hear your voice. You can convey your authority in your fields.

You can address them by there first name. It makes it much more personal.


Context: This is from the perspective of a web designer responding to a potential client who needs help with their website.

You can show them what you do in a visual way or answer their questions by using other vidusal supports.

Here's video on how I record screencasts.

The Software I Use

Screen Recording

There is a 2GB Free plan included with Snagit purchase


The Hardware I Use

External Interface
Behringer External Audio Interface

UniDirectional Microphone

Neewer Mount

Want to be on camera? Have a look at Personalized Video Tools

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