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About Denis Ethier
Founder of ThriveMate
  • 10,000+ hours using Thrive Themes tools
  • 1,000+ pages & opt-ins built with Thrive Architect
  • 200+ Thrive Themes projects.

I am Denis. after spending the last 4 years working on over 200 Thrive Themes websites, my mission is to help as many people as I can build their business with the tools from Thrive Themes.

As you know, building a successful business requires the right elements, and their are actually 8 of them to get right.

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What makes a website successful is having 8 things right.  You don't needs all of them, but if you do, it does increase the odds of success.

Here they are.  Ideally, you need:

- the right goal,
- the right content,
- the right tools,
- the right investment and support,
- the right creation process,
- the right marketing,
- the right process to get people to be interested in what you do
- and the right process to turn interest people into clients.

And I want to help you get this right.

My background is technology, understanding how things work, and making them work.  

Lots of my time in the first 2 years was about the tools, Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Ultimatum.

Then I had to learn about design.  It started when a client asked me to help him with design.  My initial response to him was: I am not a designer, sorry.  Then he insisted: Your website is better looking than mine, can you at least "improve the look of my website".  And I said yes, improved his website by fixing obvious issues, and I was on a journey of learning about design.  

And in the last few years, I spent my time looking at conversion rates.What makes a website convert more.  What makes an entrepreneur successful.  And I have built a very good framework on building businesses.

And I have a sweet spot for people starting out.  Half of the people I have helped were starting out.   And it comes with very specific challenges.  

But the main thing I have learned is why some people are successful with their website, and why some are not.

And that became my mission, help even more Thrive Themes users with getting a successful outcome with their website.

I have interacted with thousands of Thrive Themes users,

My approach of helping as many people for free when possible,   I have shared a lot on my YouTube channel and my Facebook group.

I have been on both sides of the fence, I have hired people too.  

I know how daunting it can be to hire someone.  From communicating our needs, setting expectation and getting a positive return on investment.



Thrivemate turned out to be exactly what I was hoping for. I’m very happy with the results they’ve delivered.

The process works very well. I also like the Zoom calls with screen sharing.

Brad, CIBB ,

What we have built with Thrive Themes tools


Denis is my go-to designer and Thrive Themes expert. He’s friendly, very responsive, helpful and is more than a designer.

He has a big picture view on marketing and conversions for a first-rate website design and user experience. I wish I had found him sooner!


Denis really knows his stuff when it comes to Thrive Leads. Highly recommended!


Denis was really understanding of what I was looking for.

I really enjoyed how he makes a video screencast to review his work with you as well as make recommendations.

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