Thrive Architect Keyboard Shortcuts

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​Here's a list that i have compiled.  If you know of other ones, i'll update the list.  If something is not working for you, let me know, things do change from time to time, and I can update the list.

  • Enter: New Paragraph
  • Shift + Enter: New Line
  • Ctrl + C​: copy
  • Ctrl + V: paste
  • Ctrl + Shift + V: Paste without Formatting
  • Ctrl + B​: bold text
  • Ctrl + I​:italic or emphasized text
  • Ctrl + U​: underline text
  • Ctrl + K​: add hyperlink to selected text
  • Ctrl + S: save your work in Thrive Architect
  • Ctrl + Z​: Undo previous action, you can do this multiple time
  • Shift + Left Click: Multiple Select
  • Shift + Left Arrow (or Right Arrow): select one character to the left or right of the cursor
  • Shift + Ctrl + Left Arrow (or Right Arrow): select one word to the left or right of the cursor
  • Shift + Down Arrow (or Up Arrow): Select a full line from the cursor position
  • TAB: Go to the next element on the page

If you're a Mac user,​ you can substitute the "Cmd" key for the "Ctrl" one to make all these same shortcuts work.

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