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Last Updated: October 27, 2020

Thrive Quiz Builder alternatives for surveys, quizzes, questionnaires or scorecards

The Thrive Quiz Builder is still my go-to tool to build quizzes, questionnaire or forms when building a site with Thrive Themes.

But there are other tools with very nice features that Thrive Quiz Builder doesn't have at this moment.

Here's my shortlist:


I have discovered ScoreApp through Daniel Priestley's Facebook group. I read Daniel's Key Person of Influence and Oversubscribed books 4 years ago, and it changed my approach to business.

He wanted to build a tool with very specific features. He helped shape the design of ScoreApp.

Design of the PDF being emailed out

One unique feature I have found nowhere else is the PDF scorecard that can be emailed out to your prospects.

They are easily customizable from their platform and the design is top notch.

You can see and take the Key Person of Influence scorecard.
You can take the ScoreApp LAPS scorecard.

Where you can use in your marketing strategy

  • On your website homepage
  • Email signature
  • Facebook bio
  • Run adds to it
  • Podcast
  • Live event

How it's beneficial to your audience

  • Help your audience identify their pains and problems

How it's beneficial to your own business

  • Qualify precisely your leads
  • Understand your customers or clients

The biggest trend in brand and business [...]for the next five years is going to be quizzes and scorecards to capture information about you and then feeding back insights that are relevant. 
-Daniel Priestly

Starter Plan: £25/month
Advanced Plan: £95/month.  
This plan is needed for the PDF email reports (2 templates available now)


Phonic has a feature I have seen nowhere else.  They allow your visitors or users to record an audio or video clip.  They can even record their screen.  It's all done via the browser, so no software or extension to download (thanks to the RTP protocol).


Outgrow offers more options.  It allows to create a lot of interactive elements for your website: calculators, quizzes, surveys, chat bots, polls, giveaways and assessments.

Outgrow has a large selection of templates


SurveySparrow is more of an enterprise solution.  It has APIs, 360 Analytics, and more of an Omni-channel Experience Management Platform as they mention on their website.

If you are looking for an enterprise-grade solution, check SurveySparrow.

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