Troubleshooting a page not displaying correctly

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Last updated: February 1, 2021

If one of your pages is not displaying correctly, it can be frustrating.

Here's a list of things I typically go through when troubleshooting a display issue.

Troubleshooting checklist

1. Force a hard refresh and test again

Simply do CTRL+ F5 in your keyboard.

2. Test with another browser (on the same computer)

You can try Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari

3. Test with another browser (on a different computer)

You can try Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari

4. Test with another browser (on a different network)

You can try Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari

5. By pass the cache using a parameter and test again

Add ?randomstring at the end of the URL.  Follow this article for more details

6. Clear the server cache and test again

If you are using a plugin, clean all the caches they have.  If you are using cloudflare, clear the cache there too.  Note that some hosting companies have ways of clearing cache by logging in on their platform.

7. Clear the browser cookie for your website

8. Check Thrive Themes changelog

Check to see if there was a recent issue fixed by Thrive Themes.

9. Update software to latest version

I keep my Thrive Themes plugins and theme up to date.  Often problems can be fixed by applying the latest update.

Note: Updating any software involves some risks.  Always have a backup of your website.  I always recommend to have a plan for when things go wrong.

10. Test the feature on another blank page (or another site)

Create a new page or post, and try to replicate the issue.  

If you can't replicate it on a blank page, it is a strong signal that the problem is specific to that page, and could be caused by some content or feature on that page.

11. Recreate the element that doesn't work on the page

Sometime trying to re-create the element that doesn't work above or below where it's not working.

12. Disable other WordPress plugins to see if there is a conflict

Sometime a third-party plugin can be the source of the issue.  By disabling other plugins one-by-one, clearing the cache and testing, you can find the cause of the issue.

13. Contact your website designer

If you have a website designer or developer, you can ask them.  Often they can fix a problem quickly.

14. Contact Thrive Themes tech support

Thrive Themes support is accessible by logging in on

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