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December 21, 2019


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Trust Building Example: Annual Press Citations

Building trust and credibility on your website can be done in many different ways.

Here's an example of a chart on showing Annual Press Citations growth.

​Of course this can show growth of any type: Clients, partners, users, subscribers, etc.

It can be done in 1 minute using the Progress bar element part of Thrive Architect.  And it's animated by default.

​Here's an example:

​Annual Press Citations
​New​spapers, Magazines & Online
​201​0​: ​20 ​
​2011​: ​​​41 ​
​2012​: ​91 ​
​2013​:​ 134 ​
​2014​: ​​​314 ​
​2015​: ​​​​​865 ​
​2016​:​ 2,075 ​
​2017: ​​​4,411 ​
​2018​: ​​4,123 ​
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