​Avoid these 7 mistakes when building your Thrive Themes website

7 Questions to ask when hiring a someone to help you with Thrive Themes.

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

​It takes time to learn your way around Thrive Themes and build a website that converts, so I hope I can light a spark for you to generate additional revenue.

I have been building websites for years, and have spent the past 2 years doing so exclusively with Thrive Themes. More than ​120 projects later, you might say that I have seen my fair share of sub-par websites—and a few horror stories.  

In this guide, I will share 7 ​​mistakes that I see often, along with some ​resources to avoid them.   ​


​1. ​​​Ignoring design

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?



​People never launch because they don't like their design, or they launch with a very bad design.

​The ​first step to improve your design is to become familiar with good design! Before you begin working on your own website, I recommend looking at others for inspiration and to get in the right mindset. ​There are many great​ resource​s available.

​The good news is that you can usually improve your design drastically with just a few tweaks—even in as little as an hour. ​The right amount of white space, the right ratios, ​good contrasts​ are great ways to make your content easier to digest.

2. ​​​ ​Wanting a Perfect Design

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

​This page is not perfect, but it sells.

​​Ironically, the second most common mistake I see, is people spending way to much time on design details.  

Yes, I love design too, but things are never perfect.  ​Just like fashion​, what is beautiful today will be out of style in a few years.

Thrive Themes, like every platforms, has limitations.  

​Complex designs can require​ technical know-how to make things responsive.  ​Speed, browser compatibility, and future WordPress and Thrive Themes updates ​are other​ important considerations​.

​The 80% rule is a good rule for this.  Launch sooner than later.

3. ​​​​Using your tools incorrectly

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

There are ​5 ways of centering an element on a page.  ​Some are​ better than others.

​Thrive Themes offers a lot of great tools, but it can be easy to make mistakes if you don’t know how to use them correctly.

I often see Thrive Themes websites that use third-party plugins and custom coding that are not part of the Thrive Themes toolbox. Unless you are comfortable using the software and need a more complex website, these design features will rarely add value to your site.

​Thrive University has a lot of new tutorials for Thrive Themes. I also offer ​1-on-1 training if you’re interested in learning more about Thrive Themes tools.

4. ​​​​Not focusing on leads and sales.

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

Thrive Leads includes great reports.

Thrive Leads lets you show your visitors relevant and highly targeted offers and opt-in forms. This is how you get leads that turn into business, so this plugin is one of the most important tools for your website.

Think about how you can give your visitors valuable information based on where they are on your site. ​ For example, on this page, we ​encourage readers to join our course.

​This will generate more leads, which means more clients and sales.

​5. ​​​​​​Wanting to automate everything to soon

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

Click the Play Button and listen to an example of a video recorded in a few minutes sent manually to a lead less than 10 minutes after submission

Automatic ​Email, PDF downloads, video courses sent by emails are great, but they take time to build.  

​You can keep that step in Phase 2 of your website by simply configuring Thrive Leads to send you an email notification when someone submits a form on your website.  You can even automate it and receive an SMS.

Manual interaction is extremely effective and can be a very good way of engaging people.  See this example of me sending a first video to someone, it took only a few minutes to record, and makes it for a very engaging first email.

​6. ​​​​Too Many Plugins

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

​You have written your content, created your offers, designed your website and launched it. Great work! But you’re not done.

The best ​businesses track how visitors engage with their site so that they can identify and correct problems.

Hotjar and FullStory are two of my favorite tools for tracking site performance. Both can record how visitors interact with your site so you can see what they read, what they skip and more.

Both sites have reasonable pricing. Hotjar also offers a free trial, and FullStory has a free option for sites with up to 1,000 monthly visits. (I should mention that I don’t get any commission from these sites—I just use them a lot!)

Thrive Leads also offers built-in reports that show you what is and isn’t working well on your site.

​7. Bad Hosting

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

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I have seen some clients using Hosting companies not specializing in WordPress, that results in a few issues.

  • ​Speed
  • Security Issues
  • Slow/Poor Technical Support.
  • Downtime.

    It comes down to how much it's worth if a potential client can't reach your site.  If a Client is worth $1000 or $5000, it is wise to select a good host with a good reputation.

    ​If you need any help with Thrive Themes, Contact me, would love to share my expertise.

Denis Ethier

Thrive Themes Designer, Integrator and Consultant.

  • Michael says:

    Hi, nice article but I’m looking for info about the speed of WordPress theme made with thrive architect and also about the SEO friendliness.

    • Denis Ethier says:

      Hi Michael. Thanks for commenting. In terms of speed, do you have any specific goals in terms of load time, concerns or requirements in mind?

      For the SEO, the output of Thrive Themes and Thrive Architect is pretty standard html and css. Of course like with any tools, you have to know the tools and format your pages properly in terms of Headers and paragraphs. If you have specific questions, hopefully I can be of help.


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