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Last Updated: June 24, 2024

Want to know how warm your lead is?

Not all leads are ready to buy, but you can find out how warm they are by asking them the right questions about their readiness, budgets, challenges, and decision-making process during through your contact form or quiz. 

If you are using ScoreApp, you can ask any of these questions towards the end of your questions.

By knowing this information, you can prioritize which leads you should focus first on.

Here are 15 questions that you can use to not only to engage your leads but also to reveal if they're ready to consider you as their next service provider.

Qualifying Questions

  1. "What is your current budget for [specific service]?"
    • $0-$500,
    • $500-$1000,
    • $1000-$5000,
    • $5000+
  2. "How soon are you looking to implement [specific service]?"
    • Immediately,
    • Within the next month,
    • Within the next 3 months,
    • Within the next 6 months,
    • Not sure yet

Pain Point Questions

  1. "What is your biggest challenge with [relevant topic]?"
    • Open-ended response
  2. "How satisfied are you with your current [specific service/solution]?"
    • Very Satisfied,
    • Satisfied,
    • Neutral,
    • Dissatisfied,
    • Very Dissatisfied

Interest Level Questions

  1. "Which features are most important to you in a [specific service]?"
    • Feature A,
    • Feature B,
    • Feature C,
    • Feature D (allow multiple selections)
  2. "On a scale of 1 to 10, how interested are you in finding a new provider for [specific service]?"
    • Scale: 1 (Not Interested) to 10 (Very Interested)

Readiness and Decision-Making Questions

  1. "Who is involved in the decision-making process for selecting a new service provider?"
    • Just me,
    • My team,
    • My manager, 
    • Executive team,
    • Other
  2. "What criteria are most important to you when choosing a service provider?"
    • Cost,
    • Quality of service,
    • Customer support,
    • Reputation,
    • Customization options (allow multiple selections)

Current Solution Questions

  1. "Are you currently working with a service provider for [specific service]?"
    • Yes,
    • No
  2. "If you are using a current provider, what do you wish they could improve?"
    • Open-ended response

Engagement and Follow-Up Questions

  1. "Would you be open to a free consultation to discuss how we can help you with [specific challenge]?"
    • Yes,
    • No,
    • Maybe
  2. "How would you prefer we follow up with you?"
    • Email,
    • Phone,
    • No follow-up needed

Commitment Level Questions

  1. "If we could solve your [specific challenge], how likely would you be to switch to our services?"
    • Very Likely,
    • Likely,
    • Neutral,
    • Unlikely,
    • Very Unlikely
  2. "Have you set aside a budget for [specific service]?"
    • Options:
    • Yes,
    • No,
    • Not yet, but planning to

Feedback Questions

  1. "What is the primary reason you are considering a new service provider?"
    • Cost,
    • Quality,
    • Customer service,
    • Feature set,
    • Other (please specify)


Are you active in seeking support for your current issues?

O Yes, I am looking.
O No.
O I would if I knew where to start.
O This is on my radar now.

If you have more example, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

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