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9 Questions to ask when hiring someone to help you with Thrive Themes.

7 Questions to ask when hiring a someone to help you with Thrive Themes.

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

In this guide, I will share 9 questions you should ask a potential partner or freelancer when you need help accelerate your project.  

1. What is Your Experience with Thrive Themes

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

Thrive Themes is a complete platform for building pages and generate leads.  Like any professional tool, there is a learning curve.

Experience comes with time and the number of projects someone has worked on has an impact on the experience.

We have built over 110 websites with Thrive Themes, worked with it for the last 2 years and 6 months.  You can request our portfolio by clicking here.

2. Do you specialize in Thrive Themes?

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

Some people what have a lot of experience with Thrive Themes, but if they work on 6 other platforms as well, it makes it very hard for them to stay up to date on all the new updates provided by Thrive Themes.

We know Thrive well, we only do thrive.  it's 100% of our focus and we are up to date.  

3. What is your Availability?

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

Regardless of experience, making sure that your project than be delivered is key.  Ask availability early in your research.

Some people that takes on too many projects.  Some people have no work, and have little experience. You can discuss how many hours per week the person you are hiring they can dedicate to you to have a piece of mind.

About Us : We have a calendar system.  You can book specific time in our calendar and be sure your project will be worked on.  Contact Us to find out more

4. Do you have recommendations ?

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

We can recommend and help you when choosing the following:

Auto-responder platforms.
Hosting and Speed Issues.
Website Security.
Migration of your existing data.
SEO Plugins.
Other plugins and solutions.

5. What computer and internet are you using?

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

Some people work with very slow computers, slow internet, in very noisy environment so being when on the phone, it can be annoying.  

I pay all the software licenses I use and do not use pirated software.  I have high-end computers.  I work on 4 monitors.  I have 2 internet connections, 3 computers, Battery backups.  And In case of emergency, I can go and work at other locations within an hour.

6. What questions do you have for me?

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

When you speak with someone, they should ask you at least the following:

  • What is your goal with your website?
  • Do you have existing issues?
  • Why you have chosen thrive themes?  
  • What type of opt-ins you want to build?
  • Who are your competitors?

    We have a series of topics we go through so we can give you an accurate estimate.  If they do not ask those questions, they might overlook important aspects of building a solution for you.

7. What is your process?

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

I use screen recording, as you can see in the video on top.  It makes it so much easier, and faster, and cheaper to communicate.

I work in blocks of 2 hour, it allow my clients to review the work, comment on it before moving to the next part of the project. Clients feel in control of the process, and less time is spent re-doing things twice.

It allows to build a quicker first version then spend time on optimizing.

Ask your potential partner how their process is.  

8. Are there things you wouldn't do?

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

Some freelancers will do anything you ask.  They will not tell you the drawbacks of doing them on the long term, like risks to the stability of your site, analytics and tracking issues, or maintenance costs, or suprises in the future.  Or how difficult it will be for you to go and update things later on.  

I tell clients the pros and cons of installing third-party plugins, or doing custom work.

Things I wouldn't do : There are many, here's a few: Too many animations on a page, going to far off the Thrive eco-system, and doing things that will be hard to maintain.

9. How much?

How many Thrive Themes projects you have worked on?

Getting a price that makes sense for where you are at is important. But as important is the achieve your goals and launch fast.  I have read more than a thousand request for help in the last 2 years.  i would estimate around 50% that actually never .  

Websites are a living sales tool.  It allows to reach new clients.  There is always something to create, fine tune or adjust.  

We give you an estimate.  We charge hourly.  We break projects down in multiple phases.

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