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​Is your website clear on these 7 questions your visitors have when they land on your site?
  1. ​What does this ​business do?
  2. ​Would that work for me?
  3. Is it legit?  
  4. Who else is using it?
  5. How much is it?  Is there a catch?
  6. ​​Is there a human behind this?  
  7. I am interested, ​​what ​should I do?

You can use to checklist to review your own website.  But often ​being close to our own business makes it hard to see things clearly.  Asking someone else is often the best way forward.

And you can ask us to review ​your website. 
It's free ​by ​filling a 1-minute survey.

​​Why is it free? What is the catch?

​What people said after they got their ​free assessment.

Thanks for creating that video. I have spent so much time on my site only for someone to make apparent obvious things that needs improving lol.


5 Stars. His wisdom helped to re-tool my headlines and draw much more clarity to the opening statements.

Mark Rauterkus

Thank you so much for this. [...] I must write a google review for you.


Oh my God Denis. Thank you so much for your feedback.


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