[Feb. 2020] Chrome Video Autoplay Not Working Policy Update: What are the alternatives and options?

​If you want to autoplay videos on your website, ​you should know that there is a ​chance it will be muted, or that it won't autoplay at all.  

Google made changes in 2018 when Chrome version 66 was release​d​​. ​Safari and Firefox followed along.  

​​​As a general rule, this means that ​videos can be autoplayed on desktop, but without the sound. Some conditions allows for sound to be played, when a user has interacted with the domain for example. You can see all conditions for Chrome Autoplay Policy Change.

​On Phone and Tablet, ​autoplaying videos do not work ​in most cases.  

​For marketers and funnel builders, autoplay ​was great on sales pages and thank you pages.  ​

​Here are ​some alternatives.

Option 1: Animated Video Thumbnail

a) Wistia embed example

​Price: $USD $99/month
Free Plan for up to 3 videos.

Visit Wistia​.com

​b) ​Vooplayer with ThriveArchitect embed example

​c) For Vimeo and Youtube, have a look if your web development tool supports animated gifs as thumbnails.  I personally use WordPress with Thrive Architect. ($67 one time)

Please note that the website visitor will need to click play on the popup, chrome has disabled auto-play on the pop-up (lightbox) as well.

​Price: USD $​67 (one-time)

Visit  ThriveArchitect

​d) Alternatively, you can possibly create a background section that streams a video with no sound (built with Thrive Architect).

​Price: USD $​67 (one-time)

Visit  ThriveArchitect

Option ​3: ​No Autoplay, ​add a  thumbnail with a Call to action and arrows.

a) ​​Youtube Embed example

​Thumbnail Generation Tool

Price: USD $49 (one-time)

Visit  RelayThat

​c) Use white space and Hide everything on the page until they click Play.

It will open a new page/tab with the Auto-Play Video

​Please note that the examples below are accessible by clicking the orange buttons. ​You can test with different browsers​.

Option ​4: Keep on using Auto Play, but with the sound muted

​a) By default

​Watch the same video as seen at the top of post with Autoplay and sound muted.  No Arrows, no closed captioning.

Please note that at the time of writing, the Vimeo player doesn't have a sound icon on mobile phone.

​b) Add Closed Captioning and Arrows to point to the sound

Note : This article has reference to websites built with WordPress and Thrive Architect.  But most of those features are available in other page builders or direct embeds.

​When using Thrive Architect with AutoPlay set to On and Hide Control set to o​n, You will see that it ​​autoplays but with the sound ​muted.  Use of ​Closed Captions is probably the best way to go about that, indicating your users to unmute the sound with an arrow might help as well.  Location of the closed captions should be above the control bar from your player.

It will open a new page/tab with the Auto-Play Video

c) ​If you want to hide the controls and autoplay, you might have issues.

Youtube embedded with Thrive Architect with AutoPlay and Hide Control ​checked.  You will see that it will ​autoplay with the sound muted, and there is no way to enable the sound.

The only way I see of not having the control is to have closed captioning.

It will open a new page/tab with the Auto-Play Video


​Have a look at this blog post to see examples of using videos for conversions.

Other Considerations

​Closed Captions

Closed captions is probably a very good element for conversion. Companies like rev.com allows for videos to be transcribed for you with the timing in place.

Denis Ethier

Thrive Themes Designer, Integrator and Consultant.

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