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Examples of all types of Thrive Leads Lead Group Opt-ins [Part 2]

 March 20, 2020

By  Denis Ethier

This screenshots shows the configuration of a lead group.  

This post ​showcases ​examples of Thrive Leads "Lead Groups".  

​Lead groups are groups of opt-ins you can display on your blog posts.  A group can have up to 8 different types of opt-ins.  All the opt-ins of the group will trigger for the pages or posts you want them too. ​

Once the lead group is set for a category (for example), then they will show automatically when you create a new ​post in that category.  You can see an example of a different lead group being triggered on this blog post.

​In the real world, you probably do not want to use all of the opt-ins on the same page.

This post is part 2 of our series , you can go to ​Part 1 here.

Don't want to read? Watch this video where I describe the opt-ins visually.

8 Types of Lead Group Opt-ins

Scroll Mat

This is the first one you have seen when loading this page​.

You can refresh the page to see it again.

Trigger: Scroll Mats can only load before the page itself loads.
Screen Placement: It takes the entire screen on both Desktop and Mobile.


​The in-content opt-in is shown after a number of paragraph that you define in the configuration (Between 0 paragraphs to 10 paragraphs).


On this page it is configured with a Exit-Intent Trigger.  Mouseover the top of your browser to trigger.  This can be shown on page load, or after a certain number of seconds after the initial page load.


​Ribbons can be showed at the top or bottom of the page.

Screen Filler Lightbox

The screen filler lightbox is similar to the regular lightbox, but it fills the ​the entire screen.  It gives more real estate to present an offer.  ​Make sure you test it on different screen size.


This shows ​in one of the 4 corners of the page.


​Widgets are shown in the sidebar on blog posts.

Post Footer

This opt-in shows at the end of the post or page.  

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