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Last Updated: October 16, 2020

Examples of all types of Thrive Leads Opt-ins (Part 1)

In this first post, I have created a series of opt-ins that we can create in Thrive Leads.

The first type are ThriveBoxes, popup boxes that are triggered after a click.  The second type of opt-ins are Thrive Leads Shortcodes, where it is displayed on the page

Don't forget to see examples of the Lead Groups opt-ins in Part 2.

First Type: ThriveBoxes

They appear as a pop-up after clicking on an element.  Here are a few examples.  You can click on each of the items to see a pop up Thrive Leads ThriveBox Opt-in Example.

1) Link

Download our Ebook.

2) Button

3) Image

Click on the image to download the ebook.

4) Icon

Download Now

5) Content Box

Download Our Guide

6) Column

Download Our Guide

See Overview

7) WordPress Menu Item

Second type: Thrive Leads Shortcodes

They appear on the page as soon as the page loads.

Here are 3 examples.

One-Step Shortcode

Two-Step Shortcode

Two-Step Shortcode with pop-up

Enter your text here...

Third Type: Content Locking

The third type is the content lock, where you enter your email to reveal the content hidden.  No thank you pages are necessary.

Here's an example.

There are more types of opt-ins

Go to part 2 to see examples the Lead Group optins part of Thrive Leads

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