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March 12, 2020


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Examples of all types of Thrive Leads Opt-ins (Part 1)

​​In this first post, I have created a series of opt-ins that we can create in Thrive Leads.

The first type are ThriveBoxes, popup boxes that are triggered after a click.  The second type of opt-ins are Thrive Leads Shortcodes, where it is displayed on the page

​Don't forget to see examples of the Lead Groups opt-ins in Part 2​.

​First Type: ThriveBoxes

​They appear as a pop-up after clicking on an element.  Here are a few examples.  You can click on each of the items to see a pop up Thrive Leads ThriveBox Opt-in Example.

1) Link

​Download our Ebook.

2) Button

3) Image

​Click on the image to download the ebook.

4) ​Icon

​Download Now

​5) Content Box

​Download Our Guide

​6) Column

​Download Our Guide

​​See Overview

7)​ WordPress Menu Item

Second type: Thrive Leads Shortcodes

They appear on the page as soon as the page loads.

​Here are 3 examples.

One-Step Shortcode

Two-Step Shortcode

Two-Step Shortcode with pop-up

Enter your text here...

Third Type: ​Content Locking

​The third type ​is the content lock, where ​you enter your email to reveal the content hidden.  ​No thank you pages are necessary.

Here's an example.

There are more types of opt-ins

Go to part 2 to see examples the Lead Group optins part of Thrive Leads

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