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Last Updated: June 26, 2024

Coaching Software Platform with quizzes, check-ins, tracking, accountability, journaling, reminders, notifications and gamifications SAAS

You can generate coaching leads and clients by using a tool like ScoreApp. It allows your leads to benchmark themselves.

To monitor the progress of your clients, you can ask them to fill in the quiz again, and with a zapier integration, track their various results over time.  You could do a custom reports that is emailed out.

Altgernatively you can use a coaching software tool that would add more functionality.

Here are 2 coaching software platform that could fit your needs.

1. CoachAccountable
2. Quenza
3. Passion.io


  • Personalized Goals: Set specific goals tailored to your coaching program or personal development journey.
  • Progress Monitoring: Track your clients' progress towards their goals in real-time.
  • Visual Insights: Visualize achievements and milestones through intuitive progress charts and graphs.
  • Passion.io's goal tracking feature allows you to set and monitor personalized goals, providing visual insights into progress and achievements, making it easier to track and support your clients' development effectively.


  • Scheduled Quizzes: Easily create and schedule regular quizzes for your clients, helping them reflect on their progress and stay engaged.
  • Progress Tracking: Automatically compile quiz results into straightforward progress reports, highlighting areas of improvement and challenges.
  • Accountability Tools: Keep clients on track with reminders and notifications to complete quizzes and tasks on time.
  • Personalized Follow-ups: Customize tasks and follow-ups based on quiz results to tailor the coaching experience to each client's needs.

CoachAccountable provides practical tools to ensure clients stay motivated and focused on achieving their goals, making it easier to track progress and maintain accountability in coaching or therapy sessions.


  • Regular Quizzes: Schedule weekly quizzes to help clients reflect on their progress and stay engaged in coaching or therapy.
  • Easy to Use: Quizzes are straightforward and cover topics aligned with clients' goals and your coaching program.

Accountability Tools

  • Progress Reports: Automatically compile quiz results into clear reports showing areas of improvement and challenges.
  • Client Engagement: Both you and your clients can easily view progress reports to track milestones over time.
  • Reminders and Notifications: Keep clients accountable with timely reminders to complete quizzes and tasks.
  • Personalized Coaching: Customize tasks and follow-ups based on quiz results to tailor the coaching experience to each client's needs.

Quenza offers comprehensive tools for tracking progress and maintaining accountability, making it easier for clients to achieve their goals in coaching or therapy.


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Feature / PlatformQuenzaCoachAccountablePassion.io
Regular QuizzesSchedule weekly quizzes to track client progressCreate and schedule quizzes for client engagementYes
Progress TrackingAutomatic compilation of quiz results into reportsClear progress tracking with report generationTrack client progress with real-time goal monitoring
Accountability ToolsReminders and notifications for task completionTools for accountability with client remindersYes
Client EngagementClients and coach can view progress reportsEasy visibility of progress for both partiesVisualize achievements and milestones through progress charts
PersonalizationCustomize tasks based on quiz resultsTailor coaching experience to client needsSet personalized goals tailored to coaching programs

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