Thrive Architect consistent headers and footers using regular pages

​Keeping your header and footer uniform ​when adding a blog can be challenges as WordPress has one way of doing things and the Thrive Landing Pages has another way.

​This video shows in details ​the process of converting ​a landing page into regular page ​and configuring the header through the theme.  The example is using the Rise theme from Thrive Themes.


​Another Option

​You could keep using the landing page format with the Landing page header and footer, and try to replicate the design with your theme settings.  

Denis Ethier

Thrive Themes Designer, Integrator and Consultant.

  • Colin Clapp says:

    Thanks Denis. As a non-techie, relatively new Thrive Themes member, with two recently installed Squared themes and a desire to implement customised headers site-wide (something I understand I can’t yet do), I appreciated finding your links to alternative resources I could consider. For now, I need to rethink the timing of my strategy and maybe just wait for the new Theme Editor!

    • Denis Ethier says:

      There are always multiple ways of doing things. Depending on the level of customization, You can customize the header with CSS, and change fonts and colors for example. If you don’t know CSS, you can hire someone. For me it takes usually less than an 30 min customizing a header from the themes from Thrive. For a lot of websites, a simple header is better for conversion. If you want to share more details, i might be able to guide you in a better direction.

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