Using your 1-star reviews to appeal to experts

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​Lots of websites shows only 5-star reviews.  

​Showing your ​less than perfect reviews​ can be powerful too.  If you have some 3 or 4 stars, add a public reply to the rating explaining what you did to make it up.  Your visitors wants to know how you react to a product ​that a buyer didn't totally like.

What about 1-star review?

Here's an example of a ski resort that have built a marketing campaign based on their 1-star reviews.  The ​Snowbird Mountain ​targets experts.

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​You can see their one-star campaign here.

Showing user ratings can be a good way to answers questions ​#4 on the 7 questions cold visitors ask when ​they land on your site.

How to implement this with Thrive Themes

​Thrive Ovation is great for testimonial management, but it currently do not have star ratings.

With a bit of CSS, you could show an graphic of 5 stars that shows up on top.  Here's an example.  You can view the website here.

​Otherwise, you have a few options.  You can use Thrive Architect, and build custom boxes for it.  Or you can use the Content block and modify some of the user review templates. Here's an example.​

​User Reviews

​Mike Smith

Loved the training, but I felt it was difficult at times.

Reply from website owners: Thanks for your feedback.  Feel free to write through our ticketing system, we want to help.

​Jane Smith

​Thanks so much for this clear short course.  It was great.

Reply from website owners: Thanks for your feedback.  ​We are here when you want to go to the next level.

  • January 1, 2020

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