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Last Updated: July 4, 2021

My top 3 2021 GPT-3 Online Text Generators

If you are looking to generate text using GPT-3, you no longer need to know about software development or APIs.

Many easy-to-use writing assistants have been built on top of GPT-3 in 2021.

In this post, you will find my three favorites.  You can also look at this extended comparison of 12 tools if you want more options.

All of them require no download and are accessible through a browser.

I have tried a lot of tools, and once you know how to use them, they can help you in many ways for a very affordable price.   

For example, they can facilitate writing in different areas: 

Business Writing

  • Emails
  • SEO research
  • Ads
  • Blog posts
  • Marketing Materials
  • Business Ideas
  • Grammar correction
  • Rewriting
  • Video Scripting
  • + Over 50 other applications


  • Academic research
  • Home works
  • Essays


  • Writing fiction
  • Writing non-fiction
  • Finishing writing a book
  • And a lot more

Most are priced between $15 and $100 per month, and some are available for a onetime fee between $40 and $60 (Pay once for a lifetime access).

Here are my top 3 tools that you can get today.


$65 to $79/mo.

I love it because: Best design, simplest interface, query GPT-3 with unlimited instructions.

Visit Shortly

Note: Learn how to use the tool by joining AI Content Dojo on Facebook and on YouTube.


$29 to $119/mo.
I love it because: Designed for copywriters and business owners, 28+ business tools.  Has both forms and a free-flow editor

Visit Jarvis.

Visit the Jarvis website and learn about them by joining their Facebook group.

Copy AI

$35 to $49/mo.
Current Promo: 40% Off ($21/mo)  Use this link and upgrade 4 days after start of free trial to redeem)
I love it because:  Designed for copywriters and business owners.  Chrome Extension. Over 80 writing tools.

Visit CopyAI.

Visit the Jarvis website and learn about them by joining their Facebook group.


Normally $99/mo for an unlimited license, but there is a promo now: Get a lifetime license for a onetime payment of $59.
(Pay once, use forever)
I love it because: Unlimited access for a fixed-price. 175+ 5-star reviews.

View the Nichesss Promo 

Looking for more tools?

I have compared over 12 tools in this blog post. (it includes a detailed comparison table and detailed reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, ask it in the comments section at the end of this post.

How good are these tools?

They are very good, but you have to understand how the AI works.

The AI have scanned the internet and learned about the relationship between words.  It doesn't necessarily understand the meaning of them.  

So when instructed to write, it will give you multiple outputs.

And you can expect some of the outputs not fit what your needs are.   It doesn't know what you are trying to say.  

 So you simply scan all of the written outputs, and pick the one that makes sense for you.

It's easier to skip through things that doesn't make sense for you, until you find the right one, instead of just staring at a blank cursor.

GPT-4 will be better, but GPT-3 is already very good tool to cure your writer's block.

Why is GPT-3 good now, compared to other AI platforms?

First, OpenAI have invested a lot of money, some articles talks about 4.6 million dollars, and some are talking about 2 million dollars.

Second, OpenAI gave an access to developers and startup companies to the brain of GPT-3 that can generate text from a user input.

Can I generate an unlimited amount of content?

OpenAI have a clear policy of not letting anyone create content at large. The risk is that people start creating random things online and that it become spam for all of us.

So all of these tools have limits, and policies.

In short, use them as assistants.  Write for an audience, improve your writing, and get rid of your writer's block using these text generation tools. 


I love these tools, I have tried a lot of them, and follow their creators and the communities each of them have built.

For me, writing was a roadblock at times, and now I  tools to help me.

These tools help me go past the writer's block, assist me in generating new ideas, and find better ways of saying what I want.

When I write and it doesn't come out right, I get the AI to rewrite the sentence. sometimes shorten it, expand it, make bullet points out of long paragraphs, or create sentences from bullet points.

There will be a lot of new tools coming up in the next few years. To stay informed, I invite you to join my newsletter at LargerBrain.com.

It's a new site I am building where you can stay up to date on the latest AI tools for individuals and small businesses.

I will keep track of  tools, techniques and resources that can be use with the latest crop of Artificial Intelligence.

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